22 ways to use succulents in your wedding

It’s easy to see why succulents have become popular these past few years.  Their low maintenance, relative cost-effectiveness, unusual plant forms and stunning colors make them an excellent choice for wedding planning.  So what are succulents?  They are basically plants that store water in their leaves, which makes them able to endure long periods of drought by relying on the stored water and nutrients in their leaves.  The word “succulent” means juicy.  Their leaves tend to be thick and fleshy.  They come in many colors but their color can also depend on the amount of sunlight or water they receive.  Receiving a little more cold, or sun or dryness then they prefer shocks them, making them even more lovely.  Some succulent leaves will intensify in color when stressed turning them vivid shades of orange, pink, red and purple.  Brides are using them in all aspects of their wedding; from wedding bouquets, to centerpieces to wedding favors.  With succulents, you can’t go wrong.  Below, a little succulent inspiration.

wedding succulents we ♥ this! moncheribridals.com

Birch bark tube tablescape ~ via save on crafts; succulent boutonniere ~ Events not forgotten photography & events; succulent chandelier ~ via All things plants; succulent chair decor ~ Clayton Austin; succulent wedding cake by Erica O’Brien ~ Charla Blue Photography; wedding bouquets ~ Jennie Andrews Photography; bride with succulents in her hair ~ Katie Lamb Photography

wedding succulents we ♥ this! moncheribridals.com

Bridesmaid with potted succulent ~ Aaron Young Photography; succulent favors ~ Simply Bloom Photography; succulent bridal bouquet ~ Aaron Young Photography; succulent escort card ~ Aaron Young Photography; succulent cupcakes ~ Connie cupcake; succulent hair piece ~ Chloe Photography; wedding cake by Royal Bakery

wedding succulents we ♥ this! moncheribridals.com

Hanging succulent ~ Swoon by Katie ; succulent table boxes~ Katherine O’Brien Photography; succulent wedding cake ~ via Sugar Plum Invitations; succulent ring shot ~ Giuli & Giordi Photography; place setting ~ Katherine O’Brien Photography; bride, groom and dog with succulent bouquet and dog collar ~ Katherine O’Brien Photography; bridesmaid bouquet ~ Katherine O’Brien Photography

Lead Photograph ~ Simply Bloom Photography

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