Balushka’s Spectacular Paper Flowers

When creating our latest trending post, “20 Awe Inspiring Wedding Ceremony Backdrops, Arches and Arbors,” we came across the work of Khrystyna Balushka.  We loved her elaborate paper flowers so much, we knew we had to do a post devoted to her spectacular work.  She is no stranger to David Tutera as her work was shown on his show David Tutera Unveiled in 2013.  Since 2012, Khrystyna Balushka aka Balushka, has been taking the wedding world by storm with her amazingly detailed and handcrafted paper flowers.  What started as a request from her college professor to make paper flowers for a backdrop for an advertisement for a bridal line has morphed into a full time business with a studio in Houston, Texas.  All of Balushka’s flowers are handmade in her studio using high quality acid free paper.  From centerpieces to bridal bouquets to arches and entire walls covered in flowers; Balushka ships her flowers worldwide and is even available to personally install them.  Her paper flowers can also be embellished with vintage lace, pearls, veil netting and crystals.  They can be embossed, or stenciled with initials and dates which is perfect for weddings.  Flowers range in size from one to 60 inches and can be customized and purchased on her Etsy store or Balushka Paper Floral Artistry.  For the budget minded bride, they can be rented which typically runs 50% less than the purchase price.  Check out Balushka’s work below.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

balushka's paper flowers we ♥ this!

Photos ~ via EtsyFacebook and Balushka Paper Floral Artistry

balushka's paper flowers we ♥ this!

Photos via EtsyFacebook and Balushka Paper Floral Artistry; Close-up of dark haired girl with flowers via 100 Layer Cake ~ Elisheva Golani Photography

balushka's paper flowers we ♥ this!

via Facebook

balushka's paper flowers  we ♥ this!

Photos via Etsy and Facebook; Bottom left photo of Khrystyna Balushka with flowers via Houston Chronicle; Michael Paulsen photographer

balushka's paper flowers we ♥ this!

Handmade Doodle Necklace ~ Balushka Paper Floral Artistry

Lead Photograph ~ via Facebook

by lisa